Volunteering isn't just a great way to help other people, it can also enrich your own life. While there are many people who would love to engage in this practice, with so many personal and professional obligations, the idea of fitting in time to volunteer can seem like an impossible feat. With a few adjustments you can find the time to volunteer.

Start Small

Lofty goals are great, but when you have limited time, too large of a goal can be discouraging. There is no minimum time for volunteering. Most shelters and other organizations will welcome a volunteer who can give 30 minutes a week with the same warmth as they would someone who can give 5 hours a week. Instead of stressing yourself out trying to offer a huge time commitment, start off small and give yourself time to grow as your schedule changes.  

Group Tasks Together

If you're anything life the average person, weekly obligations include things like picking up dry cleaning and grocery shopping. Instead of taking care of one thing a day, consider grouping these tasks. For instance, if you generally pick up dry cleaning on Mondays and grocery shop on Tuesdays, if you did both of these activities on Monday, this could free up some of your time on Tuesday. You could then use this extra time to volunteer at a place like a homeless shelter.

Think Outside The Box

Just like there is no set time that you must volunteer, there is also more than one way to do so. For example, you might be able to do something from home. Consider virtual volunteering. If the shelter has administrative tasks, they may allow you to perform some of these duties at your home. Additionally, if you can only volunteer in the morning, you may be able to come in early and help with meal prep before heading in to work.

Bring The Family

For some people, one problem is trying to find something to do with their children while they volunteer. Why not bring the entire family? Shelters have so much work to be done that doesn't necessarily require special skills. Even if it's something as easy as setting the tables for dinner, this offers the convenience of bringing your children along so that you can volunteer. Showing this type of example to your children when they are young shows them the importance of giving back.

Although it might seem like you have no time, with the right mindset and a few adjustments, you can find time to volunteer.