A cancer diagnosis can be devastating, but it doesn't have to mean a death sentence. Thanks to research and early detection methods prostate cancer has become more treatable in recent years. Continued research is needed to develop more effective treatment and detection methods, but this research can be costly. If you are hoping to contribute to prostate cancer research in your area, you might want to consider selling small pins that supporters can purchase and wear and then donating the proceeds from pin sales to prostate cancer research.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help increase your prostate awareness pin sales in the future.

1. Create multiple designs.

When it comes to selling as many prostate cancer awareness pins as possible, it can be beneficial to create multiple designs for supporters to buy. When you only create one design, you limit the number of pins that a supporter will want to purchase.

Multiple designs urge supporters to collect each of the pins available for sale, resulting in multiple sales to each individual supporter. Encouraging multiple sales through multiple pin designs can be a simple and effective way to raise more money for prostate cancer research through awareness pin sales.

2. Partner with local organizations.

In order to increase the number of prostate cancer awareness pins that you sell, you need to let as many people as possible know about your fundraising efforts. Finding a captive audience can be challenging, so partnering with a local organization that already has an established audience base can be beneficial.

By working with a local cancer foundation to advertise the sale of your pins in their newsletter or on their website, you ensure that many supporters will be made aware of the opportunity to contribute to the funding of prostate cancer research through the purchase of an awareness pin.

3. Man a booth at an existing fundraiser.

Many different organizations host fundraisers designed to generate money for cancer research. If an organization in your area is hosting a 5k race or a craft fair, ask if you can set up a booth at the event.

Manning a booth at an existing fundraiser allows you to appeal to an audience that is already invested in promoting cancer research. You can sell your prostate cancer awareness pins to the participants and supporters who are at the fundraising event, increasing your profits and the amount of money you can donate to prostate cancer research in the future.

Finding ways to sell awareness pins to the public allows you to generate profits that can be donated to help research new and innovative ways to diagnose and treat prostate cancer in the future.