Millions of people who live in the United States currently experience food insecurity, meaning they don't always know where they will get food from next or when they will get to eat again. No one should have to go without a basic need – food that keeps them healthy and strong. Unfortunately, many do. By supporting a food pantry foundation, you can make a difference, ensuring that many adults and children have access to nutritious, fulfilling meals.

Donate Unexpired Food That Others Can Use 

Donating unexpired, unopened food is a simple way to contribute to a food pantry foundation. You can go through your pantry to look for different types of foods, such as packaged mashed potatoes, canned vegetables, cereal, boxes of macaroni and cheese, pasta, and even jars of sauce to donate. The food pantry foundation can organize these items and provide them to needy families, enabling those who visit the food pantry to leave with a bag or two full of food.

If you don't have extra items in your pantry, you may want to donate food by heading to the grocery store and grabbing a few essentials. Foods like rice, crackers, oatmeal, cookies, and pasta are always much-needed and can feed many families. While it's your decision, donating food directly to the foundation is an effective way to make a positive impact while helping feed community members.

Support the Food Pantry Foundation with a Generous Donation

Besides donating food directly to the food pantry foundation, you can always make a generous donation to them. Your donation would be used to cover the cost of ingredients and food preparation, so those working for the organization can prepare hot, fresh meals for those in need. The great thing about these foundations is that they accept donations of all sizes throughout the year, so you can donate as often as you would like and contribute as much money as you want. Not only does a financial contribution impact the lives of those with food insecurity, but it's also tax deductible, so you can save money when filing taxes for making different donations.

Food pantry foundations aim to feed those with food insecurities but often need help keeping their organizations running. By donating food and making financial contributions to these foundations, you can support food pantries in their mission to end hunger in the United States and offer wholesome, nutritious meals to both children and adults who need them.